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Blackstone Coffee Blends


Blackstone Reserve - Sweet and smooth up front with a juicy but balanced berry finish. This South American - African blend is easy drinking but stands out with its pop of fruitiness.


Appalachian Morning - A lively blend of three different African coffees.  The coffee is a medium roast with medium body and a very lively complexity.  A roastery favorite.


Smokey Mountain Blend - This blend doubles down on the dark smokey flavor profile of our French Roast by combining it with an equally dark and full bodied Sumatra.  This coffee is earthy and smokey without the ash.


Mountain Java - A little bit of something for everyone.  This coffee features beans from all three major growing regions and combines medium and dark roasts for a perfectly balanced blend with a hint of smokeyness.


French Roast - If you like a dark bold coffee, this one's for you.  Classic Colombian Supremo taken to a rich, buttery, smokey point in its roast profile.


Espresso - Our classic espresso blend.  This espresso features coffees that have been roasted light and sweet as well as a dark rich smokey roast.  Delicious as a shot or part of your favorite specialty drink.


Breakfast Blend - A light easy drinking blend to start your day off right.  This blend features medium roasted coffees that have a lighter body and a very mild pop of acidity to add zest and put a spring in your step.

Blackstone House Blend Decaf - When you want the health benefits of coffee but don't need the caffeine enjoy our full bodied Mountain processed decaf with hints of molasses, chocolate and citrus.

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